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How Retailers Grow Profits by Using POS Inventory Data

Patric Caya: How Retailers Grow Profits by Using POS Inventory Data
Speaker: Patric Caya, Springboard Retail, Director of Business Development
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Today, harnessing POS inventory data is critical for retail success. With comprehensive data comes control, which savvy retailers are using to make strategic business decisions, quickly solve problems, and spot trends well before the competition. Small to mid-size retailers have an immense tool set available to them through their POS software. Learn how to use your POS data and become more agile in your operations.

With each transaction, your POS is picking up multiple bits of information that you could use to improve your business. POS data, or those little nuggets of wisdom, is a valuable tool for retailers looking to optimize their business - and it's just sitting on your checkout counter, waiting for you to leverage. Use information for customer profiling, refining inventory management and tracking order history for forecasting. This kind of POS data can help you make small changes, like eliminating certain products from your shelves, that could make a big impact your revenues.

Title: How Retailers Grow Profits by Using POS Inventory Data
Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Time: 2:00 p.m. EST
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Non-Members: $29
Field of Study: Business Operations
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