INDEPENDENT  MANUFACTURERS’  REPRESENTATIVES: EDmarket provides this special membership category for businesses that independently represent two or more different educational product suppliers in selling to dealers, with orders being written in the name of the supplier. High–quality networking opportunities that EDmarket provides facilitate efficient, productive and profitable relationships for the businesses you represent.

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Membership Pricing Information

Total Number of Sales Reps for Educational Products Independent Rep Membership Fee
1-4 Sales Representatives $250
5+ Sales Representatives $400
The cost of an Independent Manufacturers Representative company membership is based on your total number employees on your sales team of products for educational use.
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The fiscal year is January 1 through December 31. Whether you join January 1 or June 1, you are required to pay the entire dues amount. When it’s time for your second year’s renewal, a prorated amount is assessed (partial dues payment) and mailed 2–3 months before your expiration date of membership, thereby allowing you to be on a schedule of yearly dues renewals, every December 31.

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