2017 Leadership Officials

The following members have accepted their nominations for open Board of Directors, Committee, and Council positions. Nominees were selected by the Nominating Committee, based on the names submitted by the membership at large. In assigning individuals to various positions, the Committee looks at several factors including, but not limited to: past member service, member category, company location, company size, and experience in the industry.

Voting took place on Friday, March 17th, at the Annual Business Meeting at 8:00 am in conjunction with EDexpo 2017 in Las Vegas.

Tom A. Brennan
Tom's view
Greg Moore
Greg's view
Angela Nelson
First Vice Chair
Angela's view
Lee Stapp
Second Vice Chair
Lee's view
John MacGregor
John's view
Jim Connelly
Jim's view
Philip Cohen
EL_BOD --- Supplier at-Large (EDexpo Sector)
Philip's view
James Johnson
Supplier at-Large (EDspaces Sector)
James's view
Dan Dale
EDspaces Committee
Dan's view
Nik Ditzler
EDspaces Committee
Nik's view
Tracy Johnson
Equipment Manufacturers Council
Tracy's view
Duane Puckett
Equipment Manufacturers Council
Duane's view
Scott Smith
Equipment Manufacturers Council
Scott's view
David Fierman
Suppliers Council
David's view
Bob Hall
Suppliers Council
Bob's view
Susan Degard
Retail Store Council
Susan's view
John MacGregor
Retail Store Council
John's view
Edward Vogel
Retail Store Council
Edward's view
Mark C. Lewis
Distribution Council
Mark's view

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Each nominated member is given thoughtful consideration. Even if you have not served previously, your fresh perspective is valued. New ideas and approaches help maintain leadership balance as well as providing unique options for highly qualified candidates to contribute. Those who may not be selected for this term will be considered for future terms, as staff maintains and coordinates with current leadership, all contact and background information for each candidate.

The new slate of nominees will be presented on a ballot at the EDmarket Annual Meeting & Awards Presentation in-conjunction at the next EDexpo. Voting is conducted by ballot, unless the process is suspended by unanimous vote of those present, in which case a voice vote is taken. Nominations may also be made from the floor at that time.

Note: the 2018 Nomination Ballot with be available Summer 2017.
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